Local Delta Passengers Make The Best Of It

Aug 8, 2016

Credit Sasha-Ann Simons / WXXI News

The power outage that knocked out Delta Airlines’ computer systems on Monday results in more than 400 flight cancellations and over 1,000 delayed flights.

Several flights were impacted in Rochester. Delta  is the largest carrier at the Greater Rochester International Airport, with the latest figures showing that about 30 percent of all people flying out of Rochester used Delta last year.

Some of the passengers WXXI news spoke to at the Greater Rochester International Airport on Monday were more or less taking the delays in stride.

Cari Cellini has been in town from Atlanta since Saturday. She got wind of a four-hour delay when she arrived at the Rochester airport, but she found a way to cope.

"I actually had to drive an hour and a half to get there. My flight’s only delayed until 3:50 and I have to just go home....I’m gonna go jump in a cab and probably go have lunch with some friends that live up here.”

Sheila Wolf was flying to Los Angeles from Rochester and learned of the massive backlog on social media. She needed to make a change to her flight, but couldn’t get through to Delta on the phone.

"I've been waiting for two hours for a callback from Delta's customer service so I thought, my mom lives near the airport, I'll just come over here and wait in this line, which I think will be less than two hours."

Brian Lambert was breathing a sigh of relief. He’s travelling to Montreal for business and says though he’s been delayed - he just missed the chaos.

"I was on a noon flight, now it’s showing like 1:30. So, not gonna be a big deal...If I’d have been on the first one this morning it would have been - which usually I am - but today I was leaving midday so it worked out fine"

Delta says its best advice for people still affected by the delays and cancellations is to contact them directly.