Local author and historian recalls toll Vietnam War took on the village of Holley

Jan 12, 2017

The Vietnam War claimed 58,000 American lives, and a small community in Orleans County had what officials there believe was one of the highest death tolls for a community its size.

Eight residents of the Village of Holley lost their lives while serving in Vietnam between July, 1965 and April, 1971.

The casualty rate in the village of 1,800 residents rivaled even the loss experienced by many Northern states in the Civil War.

This story is being told now, more than 50 years later, by local historian and author Michael Keene in his new book, Vietnam Reflections: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys.

Click on the LISTEN link above to hear an interview with Keene.

Keene will be signing copies of his book and giving a talk this Saturday, Jan. 14 at the American Legion in Holley from 2 to 4 p.m.