LISTEN: Fringe performer Banachek talks about psychics, magic, and mind reading

Sep 7, 2018

Credit provided

A mentalist and magician performing at this year's KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival says he impresses audiences with his skills, but he's not psychic.

Banachek says he uses his five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense.

"I'm doing what mediums do. I talk to the dead. I bend metal with my mind, apparently. I read thoughts. I have people stand up and think of playing cards and I immediately tell them what cards they're thinking of from their body language. I go through all of these things and in the end I say, 'this is not real.' "

Banachek has four Fringe shows scheduled at the School of the Arts starting September 13.

He also talks about magic, skepticism, and cons in his podcast Banachek’s Brain.

Click on the LISTEN link above to hear Banachek describe how he developed his talents and what Fringe audiences can expect when they go to his shows.