Launch of 'EcoDistrict' part of the Genesee River Romance Weekend

Oct 5, 2017

Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

The organization Greentopia says it will be launching its effort to create an EcoDistrict in Rochester this weekend, as part of the city’s River Romance activities.

That annual event runs Friday through Sunday and it involves tours, kayaking, river cruises and other activities to promote the use of the Genesee River.

An EcoDistrict would be an area of the city that will help promote sustainability.

Rachel Walsh is eco-district coordinator for the non-profit group.

“We would like to see a balance of both carbon footprint reduction and energy reduction as well as more diversity in how people get their health and wellness down here, more walking tours, more exercise equipment along the Genesee Riverway trail,” Walsh told WXXI news.

Mayor Lovely Warren says the city supports the EcoDistrict concept as part of the city’s overall efforts at sustainability.

“Being able to preserve the raceway and preserve the waterway down in the High Falls district was the first priority and preserving the bridge right here is the next thing that we’re looking to do.”

Greentopia is holding an ‘Eco-Fair’ on Saturday that will include interactive displays along the Pont-de-Renne bridge.