Kodak Unveils New Smartphone

Oct 20, 2016

Credit www.kodak.com

Kodak is coming out with a new smartphone, one that it hopes will capitalize on its reputation for photography.

This is not the first time Kodak has tried marketing a smartphone. There was a Kodak branded phone last year, but the company is trying to make a bigger splash in the marketplace with the new Kodak Ektra Smartphone, trying to focus on people who want a more sophisticated camera with their phone.

The name hearkens back to an iconic Kodak camera, also called Ektra, which was built in the 1940s.

Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke was asked by CNBC about the company’s hopes for success with the new smartphone.

“We announced at the consumer electronics show last January our new Super 8 camera, and it got extraordinary acclaim. And we think people really care about images and we think this phone is going to be special”

Kodak doesn’t really make consumer products like this anymore, but has other companies make them with its branding. The phone is being manufactured by UK based Bullitt Group. It will be sold in Europe in December, and in the U-S sometime next year.