Kodak looks to market vacant space in its headquarters building

May 31, 2017

Kodak is looking for ways to better utilize its headquarters building.

As the company has gotten smaller over the years, so has the amount of space it has needed in the iconic State Street building in Rochester.

So now, the company is marketing the tower and related space as a location that other companies could lease, perhaps for their own headquarters.

Dolores Kruchten is President of Eastman Business Park, and she says the amenities that the Kodak Headquarters building has are what sets them apart from some other office space in the area.

“What we want to do here is have companies that have, their company be able to share things that people don’t need full time, if you don’t need a board room, you don’t need big meeting space, you don’t need your own cafeteria , you don’t need your own fitness center…”

Right now there are two companies, a venture capital firm and a marketing company using space inside the Kodak building, and eventually Kruchten says they are hoping more businesses will lease space there.

Kruchten says there's about 600,000 square feet of space available.

The working title of the space that is being marketed is "Kodak Tower Commons. "