"Justice or Else" Movement to Hold Town Hall Meeting

Mar 21, 2016

The local organizing committee of the Million Man March, or the "Justice or Else" movement, is inviting the community to attend a Town Hall  and take part in a dialogue on issues like police brutality, economic deprivation, poverty, poor education and Black on Black violence.

Co-chair of the committee, Kenneth Muhammad, notes that several items from the national agenda of the Million Man March will be outlined at the meeting.

He says last fall, Minister Louis Farrakhan called for a "Justice or Else" gathering, which resulted in an economic boycott starting on Black Friday and lasting through the New Year.

"We will share the results of that economic boycott with our community, and we will share with our community, moving forward, a action plan to combat the black on black violence in our community."

Kenneth Muhammad of "Justice or Else" movement
Credit Alex Crichton

Muhammad says they'll also share ideas about what to do with the economic condition in our neighborhoods.

The Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22nd at 630pm at the David Gantt Center, 700 North Street.