Jordan Health cuts ribbon on expanded medical facility

4 hours ago

Credit Jordan Health Center

Jordan Health Center officials cut the ribbon this week on a 3,300-square-foot expansion at its Holland Street facility, which will serve as clinical space for team-based care.

Dr. Janice Harbin, Jordan Health’s president and CEO, said the decision to expand was a team effort as well.

``We met with our patients and our clinicians and our nurses and support staff to say, ‘How do we really build a team around the patients?’ ” she said. “And we took that and put it into a design.”

Harbin said Jordan Health has four teams that provide support services for patients, including teams of nurses, social workers, dieticians and others.

Under this approach, Harbin said, patients become comfortable with their clinical team.

“Whether that team member is a social worker, or the pharmacologist, or the behavioral health navigator, or the dietician. They understand that all of these people are working on my behalf to make me healthier. And I’m part of that team,” she said.

According to Jordan Health, the $3.3 million expansion will allow the federally qualified health center to streamline primary care by treating the whole person with a collaborative team in a central location.