Jamie Romeo sworn in as 136th District Assemblywoman

Jan 5, 2019

Jamie Romeo was sworn in Saturday morning for her new role as a member of the New York State Assembly representing the 136th district.

Romeo says she is very privileged and proud to take on the position from Joe Morelle as he moves on to a new role as a member of Congress.

Although she says, it’s not how either of them expected the last year to play out.

"We were both planning on supporting obviously our beloved Louise Slaughter, but I know that in watching his role model and stepping up to the call to continue his public service, that really was one of the things that helped motivate me do the same and to do my best to be able to carry on his legacy and tradition."

The former Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Committee says there is a lot of momentum and progress to continue to build on for Monroe County and the City of Rochester, and hopes with the new majority in the senate, they can get “a lot of that taken care of.”

'There’s a lot of common sense things that we know that we can pass early on this year like electoral reforms and codifying the Roe vs. Wade for women across the state."

Her ceremony took place at Irondequoit Town Hall.