Irondequoit still looking for input on community center plans

Feb 28, 2018

Credit WXXI News

Another public information session was held Wednesday evening to discuss the future Irondequoit Community Center.

A portion of the old Irondequoit Mall or Skyview on the Ridge is being set aside for the new center.

Town Supervisor Dave Seeley says over 1,300 people filled out a survey online with input, and they’ve hosted a number of focus groups and public sessions, eager to get community opinion on the development.

Some residents want to see a more traditional space like a YMCA, but others are looking for more.

"One thing we've really seen is people want those places to commune. They want those meeting rooms; they want those general assembly spaces."

Seeley says right now right now their focus is on programming, rather than the physical build out.

"I can’t tell you how many parents I've spoken with who leave town to go to other places just to have their kid, you know, do indoor recreation activities during the winter and it breaks my heart.”

Seeley says they are finalizing what new programming they will be developing they hope to present that at town board meeting towards the end of March.