Irondequoit firms up plans for new community center at former mall

May 16, 2019

Rendering of the exterior of the new community center in Irondequoit
Credit Town of Irondequoit

The Town of Irondequoit has finalized plans to build a new community center at the former Medley Centre mall, now known as “Skyview on the Ridge.”

The developer of that complex, Angelo Ingrassia, has donated part of the mall to the town for the new facility. He is expected to eventually bring in other tenants into the complex as part of a mixed-use plan.

Town Supervisor Dave Seeley says that the community center will provide both recreational activities and meeting space, and he notes that Irondequoit really doesn’t have that kind of a facility now.

“Some towns have municipal community centers, some have a YMCA or a JCC, some have both; in Irondequoit we have neither, so, as we’re looking to grow as a community and provide a more sustainable, long term future for our town , I think this is an important element for that,” Seeley said.

The new facility is expected to include a full gymnasium with walking track, a fitness center, community meeting space and a digital gaming room.

Rendering of the gym at the new community center.
Credit Town of Irondequoit

The community center is expected to cost about $8.5 million to build, with the town planning to bond upwards of $7.25 million to finance the project.

Seeley says the town board is not required to put the project out for a town wide vote, but he wants residents to be part of the process, so the town is expected to schedule a July 30th referendum to let voters weigh in.

If the project moves forward, it would add about $17 a year  to an average homeowner’s tax bill, although Seeley notes that because there is other debt that will be retired, the actual impact may be less than that.