Irondequoit begins asymptomatic COVID-19 tests Tuesday

Nov 30, 2020

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Science Source / NPR

Irondequoit is the first town in Monroe County to set up an asymptomatic testing site for COVID-19. It's slated to open Tuesday. 

Supervisor Dave Seeley said all of the 600 testing slots have been claimed, and about two-thirds of them went to Irondequoit residents. 

“We’ll be able to restock our supply next week, and our goal is to do this in a sustainable manner throughout the year,” said Seeley. “I think as you see more towns setting up more testing sites, I think more people will be able to do it in their own communities.

“This isn’t rocket science," he added. "Schools have been doing this, there’s no reason why we can’t build out greater capacity for testing using our local governments.” 

The self-administered rapid tests are provided by the county and New York state. 

As the county faces some of the highest infection rates since the pandemic began, the county health department announced over the weekend its plans to open more testing sites in Gates, Brighton and Rochester. 

Information on additional targeted asymptomatic testing sites will be posted on the Monroe County COVID-19 website, www.monroecounty.gov/health-covid-19, as dates, times and locations are finalized.