Investigation continues into situation that forced the closing of roads into the Rochester Airport

Dec 29, 2016

The roads to the Greater Rochester International Airport were reopened late Thursday afternoon  following an investigation involving some packages and threats.  

The incident involved a combination of unattended suitcases or backpacks along with some kind of a threat.

Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn would not elaborate on the nature of the threat or how it was made, but said it also happened when two packages, either suitcases or backpacks were found at the airport on Thursday.

“We received a potential threat several hours ago and simultaneously found two suspicious articles, one in the exterior of the airport property and one inside the airport terminal.”

Officials closed roads coming in and out of the airport for about two hours.

Passengers who had just arrived had to wait in the terminal for a while, and those arriving had to park in satellite parking lots until the roads were reopened. There were some flights that were delayed.

The bomb squad used a robot and a portable x-ray machine to make sure the bags were safe, and then reopened the airport roads.

Airport director Mike Giardino says his crews followed the lead of law enforcement, but the airport itself remained open. 

"We put folks in a safe place and then the operations resumed as we were able. Some delays were because of what was happening with law enforcement, but for the majority of the time planes were coming and going.”

The investigation into the threats continues.