Investigation continues into the cause of the house explosion on Illinois St. in Rochester

Aug 21, 2019

A pile of rubble is all that remains of an Illinois Street house that exploded Wednesday night.
Credit James Brown/WXXI News

The investigation continues into the cause of a house explosion in the North Winton Village neighborhood Wednesday night. The house on Illinois Street was destroyed, and the body of a man was found in the debris.

Fire officials have said that Rochester Gas and Electric workers had responded to the site before the explosion happened investigating a reported odor of natural gas. They noticed a man inside the house and tried to make contact with him, but said the man refused to answer his door.

The house later exploded.

A statement released Thursday by RG&E said that:

At this time the evidence strongly suggests that this was the result of actions by the occupant at the home. RG&E is confident that this was an isolated situation and that the company’s natural gas system is and remains safe and secure for all customers.”

The identity of the man who died has not been released yet. The explosion also caused structural damage to some nearby homes, and other homes in the area had minor damage. There were no other injuries.