Hundreds to take advantage of additional COVID-19 testing in Irondequoit

Dec 1, 2020

Bob Kiley, Irondequoit's Commissioner of Public Works, holds one of the signs to direct people how to access the town garage for the drive-through rapid testing site.
Credit Max Schulte/WXXI News

Several hundred people will be heading over to one of  the new rapid testing sites for COVID-19 in Monroe County on Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week.

It’s taking place at the Irondequoit Department of Public Works, and the slots set aside for testing have all been filled, but officials are hoping to be able to do more testing in the coming weeks.

Bob Kiley is Commissioner of Public Works in Irondequoit. He said that  setting up for this week’s testing has been a challenge, but it’s gratifying that they can provide that service.

“It’s certainly an interesting objective for a highway department, for a town for that matter, but ultimately our employees from our town clerk’s office, recreation department, building department, to our public works, they all banded together and stood together and say, absolutely, we will be here to help our community in a time of need,” Kiley said.

Coronavirus 15-minute rapid testing kit being used in Irondequoit.
Credit Max Schulte/WXXI News

Kiley said his crew already had some practice for these kinds of logistics since the town has been partnering with Foodlink for a number of months on food distribution.

Kiley said that the process in Irondequoit should get people in and out of the testing site relatively quickly. He said that it will take personnel at that location about 15 minutes to develop the COVID-19 test results for each individual.

“If you do not hear from us, you are COVID negative. If you do hear from us, we’re not calling with good news,” Kiley noted.

The other additional testing sites in Monroe County are in Rochester, Brighton and Gates. You can get more information on the county’s COVID-19 website.