Howard Stern Will Be Back on Rochester Airwaves

Rochester, NY – Morning Shock Jock radio personality Howard Stern will be back on the air in Rochester, and in three other cities, on July 19th.

Stern told listeners to his radio program Wednesday morning that he will add nine new cities, including four where stations owned by Clear Channel dropped his show earlier this year because of indecency complaints.

In Rochester, Infinity-owned WZNE-FM "The Zone" says on its website that it will begin airing the show the morning of July 19th.

Stern was dropped in February from "The Nerve" 95.1 FM, which is owned by the Clear Channel. The nation's largest broadcast group dropped Stern after complaints from the FCC.

Clear Channel later settled indencency complaints involving Stern and other personalities for a record $1.75 million.

Stern said the expansion of his syndicated show sends a message to the FCC.