Hospitalizations tick down as Monroe County approaches 200 COVID-19 deaths

19 hours ago

The Monroe County public health department reported Tuesday that 176 people were in hospitals for COVID-19 treatment in the county -- down five since Monday.

The trend has been upward since May 10, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office began requiring hospitals to receive a negative test for COVID-19 patients before discharging them to nursing homes.

Monroe County Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said that rule was keeping patients in hospitals longer, driving up the total number of people hospitalized, even though the severity of their illnesses was not worsening.

The health department said Tuesday that four more people had died of COVID-19 in the county, bringing the death toll to 198.

Testing capacity has increased in Monroe County, and the guidelines for who should be tested for the virus that causes COVID-19 have expanded, too. The county’s numbers showed 926 new test results on Tuesday. Of those, 26 were positive, the health department said.

The new cases included a person younger than 20 and two people in their 90s.