HikYoga brings practice outside

Jan 2, 2017

Credit hikyoga.com

This isn’t the traditional yoga class you’re thinking of. There’s no soft music or candles. In fact, there are no walls or ceilings.

We're outside in Corbett’s Glen Park in Penfield, for the first HikYoga class of the year.

Started by Nicole Kazimer in August of 2015, HikYoga classes take place at a variety of area parks, even in the winter. 

During the course of each hike, they try to stop at least 3 times, venturing off the trails to do a bit of guided yoga.

Kazimer says bringing the practice outside of a studio, helps people open up a bit.

"People know they want to start trying yoga because they know it’s good for them, but there are a lot of stresses. What do I wear? What is the person next to me - are they going to be better than me? What studio should I try? Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be cold? Am I good enough? And I think being outside takes those thoughts and the stressful situation away and it has a more peaceful environment."

HikYogas are also different because of how social they are. Many people came with friends, and there’s a lot of time to catch up and talk during the hikes between yoga stops. There was also a unique solidarity on this hike, making sure no one else fell on the unexpectedly icy trail.

The classes typically run about an hour and a half and Kazimer says they are open to all levels.

"It could be your first time, which I get a ton of first timers. Or they could be practicing yoga for years and I get those people as well. So we get a huge range of people which is awesome."

While there aren’t any more winter HikYogas planned right now, Kazimer says plenty will be available come spring.