Henrietta company to lay off more than 140 people with plant closing

Dec 5, 2017

A Henrietta manufacturer has filed notice with New York State that it will be closing a facility on Jefferson Road and laying off 142 people.

AmesburyTruth is a provider of products in the window and door industry and it has filed the required notice with the NYS Labor Department about the plant closure.

The notice says the company expects layoffs to start in March and continue through December 2018.  

The company's vice president for human resources, Steve Brennan, says the reason for the plant closing is that a product that AmesburyTruth manufactures in Henrietta is being phased out; he says the product that is replacing it is manufactured at the company's North Carolina facility, so the work will be transferred there.

Although the state notice was just filed recently, Brennan says AmesburyTruth began notifying employees in September they would be phasing out the local plant.  He says employees who are laid off do have the opportunity to apply with other AmesburyTruth locations, they have several around the U.S.

AmesburyTruth has U.S. corporate offices in Minnesota and it is a subsidiary of Tyman plc, a London-based supplier of building products to the window and door industry.