Groups Supporting Those With Developmental Disabilities Want Better Pay For Workers

Mar 3, 2014

As Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers work to come to terms on a new state budget, a number of groups have been looking to Albany for more help. Among them, two organizations that serve those with developmental disabilities, NYSARC  and the Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State.

Ben Golden is Government Affairs Director for NYSARC.  He says they are urging legislators to include a three percent wage increase for direct support workers who care for those with developmental disabilities.

"We think that the DSP's, the direct support professionals, they're the ones that provide hands-on care, the care is no better than they are, we're entirely dependent on how good they are to deliver quality services. "

Golden says those workers have not received a pay increase for four years. Governor Cuomo said recently that the state is just trying to do what it can to reduce costs and spur the economy. Members of the state assembly have signed a letter calling for a two percent cost of living increase for those workers in the upcoming fiscal year.