Group celebrates Trans Visibility Day while social distancing

Mar 31, 2020

Tuesday marked Trans Visibility Day, and amid coronavirus precautions and social distancing, a group of transgender men of color still found a way to celebrate the day.

It’s not the march that was planned, but there are balloons - arranged in a display of floating pink, white, and blue balloons at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park. 

Brittan Hardgers, Alex Diez, Zenith Sulton and others came out to Dr. MLK Jr. Park in Rochester to display balloons in the color of the trans flag in celebration of trans visibility.
Credit photo provided by Brittan Hardgers

One attendee, Zenith Sulton, says people are encouraged to write messages on the balloons in honor of Trans Visibility Day.

"We asked people to put affirmations as well if that was something for them, and one person put, 'Be you and do not be afraid to live the life that you were meant to live. You only get one.' " Sulton says.

Brittan Hardgers, founder of Next Generation Men of Transition, a group that offers support and community for transitioning men of color, says he wanted to send a positive message.

"It doesn’t really matter your race, your creed, your religion," Hardgers says. "Trans lives matter and you have to support those trans people in your life."

Alex Diez, who also came to Dr. MLK Jr. Park, says Tuesday’s event is a first for him. 

“Fifteen years ago, this wasn’t around. This wasn’t possible," Diez says. "I didn’t have a support system to help shape, form, or guide me to where I am today."