Groundbreaking kicks off renovations at Canandaigua VA Medical Center

Apr 11, 2018

Credit Canandaigua VA

The Canandaigua VA Medical Center held a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday to launch the construction of a new outpatient clinic space.

The project was awarded in January and will be managed by the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

David Price, Major Project Manager at the Medical Center says phase one is a revamp of outpatient services.

"Specifically primary care and specialty care, and will include new space for radiology and our dental programs, as well as some administrative spaces."

Price says the work has been a long time coming and is excited to finally get shovels in the ground. He says their campus is old; the VA started there in the 30's and has begun to show signs of aging.

The new building will be better suited to provide modern healthcare, as well as be energy efficient.

Price says it will also center on a more consolidated floor plan.

"Right now, if they come in for multiple modalities, they may go to completely different places within our campus. So the renovations will provide kind of, central entry and ease of way finding to get to the places where they need to go."

Price said it was great to see support from legislators and community representatives who have supported the project from the beginning.

Phase two is still waiting for approval from Congress.