Governor Cuomo stops in Rochester ahead of primary

Sep 10, 2018

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Rochester Monday on a last-minute campaign stop before the Thursday primaries.

The governor spoke from Workers United on East Avenue in the company of Mayor Lovely Warren and other area Democratic leaders, saying this year’s midterms will be some of the most important ever.

"Normally an election asks you what you are; an election will say are you a Democrat, are you a Republican, are you a liberal, are you a conservative? This election doesn’t ask you what you are. This election is about who you are."

Cuomo did not mention his opponent Cynthia Nixon, but focused on his accomplishments and slamming President Donald Trump, saying he is proud to be one of the most aggressive governors fighting his administration.

“He must have very strong thumbs, the president, because he tweets a lot. He could beat me in a thumb wrestle, maybe. But that’s all he could beat me in is a thumb wrestle.”

Cuomo also got loud cheers from supporters when he mentioned labor issues and women’s rights.

Cuomo took very few questions from reporters but did respond to the controversy surrounding recent mailers sent out by the Democratic Party, that alluded to his opponent Cynthia Nixon as being anti-Semitic.

He said he knew nothing about the mailers, and that he made a point to run his campaign without name calling.

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

"The Democratic Party has to change their approval process. It was wrong, it was inappropriate, and they are offering the Nixon campaign a mailer if they want it."

Cuomo says he still hasn’t seen the mailer.

The state Democratic primary is this Thursday. The polls are open from Noon to 9pm. WXXI will have live primary coverage starting at 9pm.