GOP Lawmakers Call for More Funding for Roads and Bridges

May 26, 2015

GOP lawmakers calling for more money to fix bridges like the 390 bridge over Trolley Blvd in Gates
Credit Alex Crichton

Members of the Assembly Minority Conference joined other GOP lawmakers in calling for more money for infrastructure in New York.

They spoke near the 390 bridge over Trolley Boulevard in Gates.

It's a bridge that a New York State Certified Bridge Inspector identified as a potential threat to motorists and pedestrians, according to Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini.

"If that is not frightening to have an inspector who is certified by the state of NY indicating there is a risk of this bridge having a failure, such that concrete will hit motorists or pedestrians below...there is nothing scarier," Assini said.

Assini said if he had the power, he'd shut down the bridge and Trolley Boulevard underneath.

County Executive Maggie Brooks says to say our roads and bridges are in critical need of improvement and repair is an understatement.

The group is calling on Governor Cuomo to use additional bank settlement money to repair roads and bridges.

Assemblyman Robert Oaks of the 130th District says that could be as much as 1.5-billion dollars in additional funds that could be spent on infrastructure.

Here's Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini pointing out some of the problems on the 390 bridge over Trolley Boulevard: