Golisano Foundation boosts campaign for Lifetime Assistance renovations

Oct 17, 2019

An effort to update facilities at Lifetime Assistance that are used to help people with developmental disabilities is getting a financial boost.

The Golisano Foundation is offering a $750,000  challenge grant, toward Lifetime’s capital campaign.  That means the foundation will match every dollar up to $750,000 contributed by the community.

James Branciforte is President & CEO of Lifetime Assistance. He says as the general population ages, it has also meant that Lifetime has been serving people with more serious disabilities.

“People with mobility limitations, people who use wheelchairs and a lot of personal care, clinical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, social work.” Branciforte also says that the number of younger people with severe autism has been rising.

He says the money will help a $5 million capital campaign, which is being used to update Lifetime’s three largest Day Services Centers.

“They simply cannot accommodate the needed space and technology and programming and adaptive equipment for improved mobility, for maximum independence, dignity and inclusion for our changing populations,” Branciforte said.

The project involves Lifetime’s three largest Day Services Centers in Clarkson, Chili and Greece. It’s expected to take two to three years to complete the renovations.