Getting Students Better Prepared for College

May 31, 2013

Hundreds of educators gathered at Monroe Community College Friday to share best practices to better prepare students for college.

Provost and vice president of academic services for MCC, Dr. Michael McDonough, says  there's a bit of a crisis in this country in getting students ready for college, and the event addressed that issue.
Dr. McDonough says the symposium brought together teachers and administrators from K through 12, and two and four-year colleges.

He said the goal was NOT to point fingers, but talk to each other on the best ways to address the problem.
Dr. McDonough says among other things, MCC has used a federal grant to pair a K-through-12 faculty member with a college faculty member.

And they look at ways the K-though 12 curriculum aligns with the college curriculum., so students can get on a more seamless pathway to a higher education.

He adds they also examined how colleges are responding to the new common core curriculum.