Genesee Brewery's "Tap It Forward" Day

Sep 8, 2017

North American Breweries CEO Kris Sirchio joins volunteers from the Genesee Brewery at Conkey Corner Park
Credit Alex Crichton

The Genesee Brewery is putting the spotlight on beautifying neighborhoods, while also showcasing New York State's breweries and the beer industry.

It's all part of "Tap It Forward" Day, now in its second year.

Around 300 Genesee employees took the day off  on Friday from making beer to go to north side neighborhoods to plant trees, remove trash and debris and take part in beautification projects.

"Love it, we're outside, you can't beat it, we're helping our community and it puts the brewery in a good light," said long time brewery employee Paul Mercier, better known as "Ernie," who took time off from his regular job of fixing robots to take part in the beautification project.

Long time Genesee mechanic Paul Mercier took on a different task on Tap It Forward Day

Ed Kahovec works in what the company calls "continuous improvement," so Tap It Forward was a natural for him.

"We enjoy it.  Our employees we get a good day to have with them. We can go out and have some fun. We can work hard, and at the end of the day you feel so good by doing this.  It's wonderful.  It's really a wonderful feeling for all of us," he said.

North American Breweries CEO Kris Sirchio says the cleanup project is a part of the company's triple bottom line.

"We want to grow our business but we also believe the company should be accountable to do the right thing for their neighborhoods and where they work as well as protect the environment, and the company should do all three of those," he said.

Tap It Forward also features a festival with 40 state breweries designed to highlight New York's breweries and the beer industry, and showcase Rochester as a beer destination.

The beer industry has a $4 billion dollar economic impact in New York State.

Here's North American Breweries CEO Kris Sirchio with more on Tap It Forward Day: