Finger Lakes wine community remembers Tim Moore

Jul 4, 2019

Credit www.facebook.com/timothy.moore

A Finger Lakes winemaker is being remembered not only for his wines, but for the impact he had on people around him.

Tim Moore died last week after a battle with cancer, at the age of 51.  He and his wife Diane started Inspire Moore Winery in Naples a dozen years ago.

Diane Moore says it was always more than just the wines to their family, with Tim wanting to promote Finger Lakes growers and produce wine in a sustainable way.

Moore says her husband labeled his wines in a way that could help promote positive feelings, with the labels including names like Joy, Grace and Harmony.

“He wanted to create some kind of positive impact with his winemaking, he really wanted to create reds that he knew could be made here and made well because he had studied in Austria and he knew that our climate was similar enough that we could really create some amazing wines here,” Moore told WXXI News.

Moore says that the winery will continue, and her son Nathaniel will help the business carry on, working with other staffers.

Moore says their eldest son plans to continue the winemaking tradition.

“He is planning to continue his dad’s work with some help from friends and interns who Tim worked closely with, but this dream of his father’s, of our family, it absolutely will continue, I know Tim would want that more than anything,” Moore said.

The annual anniversary celebration at the Inspire Moore Winery will go on as planned on Saturday and there will be a celebration of Tim Moore’s life on Sunday at that winery in Naples. You can find details at their Facebook page.