FASFA Fest will help high school seniors get money for college

Oct 24, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Six events from November to March will help high school seniors apply for college financial aid.

FASFA Fest is now in its third year in the city of Rochester, giving students the opportunity to meet one on one with financial aid counselors and get help filling out those essential forms.

Students will also be able to learn about New York State's Excelsior Scholarship.

Executive Director of the Rochester Education Foundation Pat Braus says the forms aren’t the easiest to complete, and many colleges and universities have deadlines in January and February for grants and scholarships.

"Every student who has the drive and ability should have the opportunity to go to college. Completing and submitting financial aid forms is the first step in this critical process."

Officials from the city say the number of Rochester students submitting the forms has increased 50% since the launch of the program.

Braus asked everyone to share the information about FASFA Fest with any high school seniors they may know.

Any students attending the events should be with a parent, and bring their 2016 tax returns.

The first FASFA Fest event is next Thursday November 2nd at the Rochester Education Opportunity Center 161 Chestnut Street.