Electric Line Upgrades to Cause Delays for Drivers

Aug 2, 2016

Credit freeimages.com/Mark Brannan

RG&E has just started to upgrade several miles of underground electric lines and conduits in the City of Rochester.

The utility says the construction work will disrupt traffic flow in several areas for the next several months and into the winter.

The work will be done on parts of University and Atlantic Avenue, Culver Road, State Street and Lake Avenue. There are also smaller work areas on some side streets within the Inner Loop.

RG&E says it will try to maintain two-way traffic and minimize detours along those roads whenever possible.

The construction is part of the $150 million Ginna Retirement Transmission Alternative project to upgrade the region's electric transmission system and ensure that RG&E will be able to provide sufficient service  if the Ginna nuclear power plant were to close.  The project will allow RG&E to get more power from the New York Power Authority’s high-voltage, cross-state transmission facilities.