East Ave. Bridge Will Be Open In Time For The Jazz Festival

Jun 23, 2016

Credit cityofrochester.gov

Just in time for the start of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, city officials say the East Avenue Bridge will be open by Noon on Friday.

There had been some concern by festival organizers and fans because of all of the construction going on with a portion of the Inner Loop being filled in, but City Engineer Jim McIntosh says the contractor has been making good progress, and that area will be open in time for the festival.

"The cars will be full flow in both directions and those two signals will be working again at Pitkin and Union, throughout the jazz fest and pretty much going forward. They have some asphalt to put on…but that will happen later in the project."

He says crews are also working on sidewalks in the area.

McIntosh says another help will be the fact that Charlotte Street will be open in both directions during the jazz festival, making for easier access for people traveling to the East End garage.