Downtown Rising Celebrates Rochester's Development

Feb 25, 2016

A Rochester Downtown Development Corporation luncheon focused on the future of the city of Rochester and its potential to grow.

The event, called Downtown Rising, included several speakers from large and small companies in Rochester. Among the speakers was Kevin Morgan of Morgan Management. His company is currently involved in developing mixed use spaces around the city, in buildings like Tower280, the Legacy Tower and the Xerox Building.

"Our hope and goal is that with the new buildings and businesses comes the opportunity for new jobs to be created, and in turn, more of Rochester's families will be able to achieve their American dream."

Jim Senall of High Tech Rochester gave a presentation about their business accelerator at the Sibley building. It is expected to open next spring and he says their goal is 100 new companies and 1000 new jobs in five years.

Other featured downtown developers included Nelson Leenhouts, who's company Home Leasing Corporation is developing Charlotte Square, and the owners of Split Batch, a combination coffee roaster and brewery.