'Day Without a Woman' day in Rochester

Mar 8, 2017

Day Without A Woman event outside Premier Pastry in Rochester
Credit Alex Crichton

Today is "Day Without a Woman” day, designed to raise the awareness and significance of women's work.

The event coincides with International Women's Day and was put together by organizers of the Woman's March in January.

Several members of Rochester NOW -- the National Organization for Women, gathered at Premier Pastry on South Avenue, which is co-owned by a woman.

A volunteer with Rochester NOW, Eve Elzenga, says women were being asked to do three things.

"One would be to take the day off of work if that's a possibility.  The second would be to wear red in a show of solidarity.  And the third one would be to avoid shopping at any sort of large corporate owned stores, malls, and the internet," she said.

Instead, Elzenga says, if women needed to shop, they should patronize women-owned businesses.

Kelli Eberle took the day off from MCC to join the protest

She says women make the vast majority of choices and decisions about how money will be spent, and they are the power behind the spending money for their families and their households.

Kelli Eberle is an adjunct instructor at MCC, and one of those who took the day off.  

"This day means supports to all women, here in Rochester, around the world, supporting their paid and unpaid work, and hopefully demonstrating solidarity," she said.

The group also gathers today at Hedonist Artisan Chocolates, co-founded by two women in 2007.

Here's Eve Elzenga talking about "A DayWithout a Woman:"