Daniel Prude grand jury transcripts released

3 hours ago

Joe Prude (center) at the announcement of his brother's death in September 2020
Credit Max Schulte / WXXI News

The transcripts of the Daniel Prude grand jury proceedings were released Friday. 

The grand jury convened nine times between Oct. 28, 2020, and Feb. 23, 2021. They considered and ultimately decided that criminal charges of criminally negligent homicide were not necessary. The vote was 15 for no indictment and five for an indictment. 

Prude suffocated in March 2020, after he was pinned down in police custody. He died a week later. Multiple investigations into Prude’s death and how police and city officials handled it are either ongoing or have been requested. 

In a statement accompanying the minutes, New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office said this is the first time in state history that these types of proceedings have been made public in a police-involved death.

“Our efforts to balance the scales of justice and ensure accountability can only go so far in the absence of transparency,” James said in a press release issued Friday. “We took the unprecedented action of seeking to release the grand jury transcripts because the public deserves to know what happened in these proceedings.”

The 45 hours of minutes are said to have “minimal redactions to protect the identities of the jurors and witnesses who testified.” 

Links to the full grand jury minutes are below:

Session One - October 28, 2020

Session Two – November 4, 2020

Session Three – November 18, 2020

Session Four – December 9, 2020

Session Five – December 16, 2020

Session Six – December 17, 2020

Session Seven – December 21, 2020

Session Eight – January 13, 2021

Session Nine – February 23, 2021