Cuomo Keeps up Pressure on NY GOP Over Trump, but Exempts a New Jersey Republican

Oct 10, 2016

Governor Cuomo greets Cardinal Dolan at the Columbus Day parade in NYC on Monday
Credit Governor Cuomo's office

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is keeping the heat on New York Republicans to disown Donald Trump after a video revealed the GOP presidential candidate’s coarse remarks about women. 

Cuomo said he does not think Trump turned around his troubled candidacy in Sunday night’s debate performance, and for the third day in a row, he called on New York Republicans to reject their party’s presidential nominee. 

“They should stand up and say, ‘I’m a Republican, but I’m a New Yorker first,’ ” Cuomo said. “ ‘And we’ll have nothing to do with the degradation of women.’ ”

The governor’s advice does not extend to New Jersey Republicans, however. Cuomo was asked whether that state’s governor, Chris Christie, a Trump adviser, should quit the campaign. Cuomo said it’s “not my place to tell him what to do.”