Cuomo to Deliver His Third State of the State Message Wednesday

Jan 7, 2014

Governor Cuomo gives his annual State of the State speech Wednesday. Cuomo has already introduced some of his key agenda items, but there are still some surprises left.    

Cuomo has already released a plan to cut business taxes, the estate tax, and a multi step process to freeze property taxes. He’s also invited Vice President Joe Biden to the Capitol to help lay out his plans for better handling future weather disasters.

Cuomo revealed he’ll make fixing up New York’s outdated La Guardia and JFK airports a priority this year, and Cuomo says he’ll issue an executive order to allow limited access to medical marijuana for some seriously ill patients through 20 New York hospitals.  Cuomo has yet to say what types of ethics reforms he will call for, as corruption scandals continue in the legislature, or whether he will continue to push for a Women’s Equality Act including an abortion plank that failed in the State Senate last year.  

The governor is likely to call for more spending on schools, but he's been non committal about specifics of a plan by New York City Mayor Bil deBlasio to tax the rich to pay for universal pre kindergarten. Cuomo says he shares the goal of universal pre-K, but might want to pay for it in a different way. 

AM 1370 WXXI and wxxinews.org will have live coverage of Cuomo's speech.