Cuomo condemns federal tax overhaul as Pence visits WNY

Oct 17, 2017

Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined other New York Democrats in condemning the federal tax overhaul plan in the wake of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to western New York.

Cuomo, also speaking in Buffalo where the vice president was attending a fundraiser for Rep. Chris Collins, said a provision in the tax overhaul to eliminate deductibility for state and local taxes would deliver a “death blow” to New York. He said it would result in “double taxation” and be a windfall for other states at New York’s expense.

“It’s Washington’s attempt to cut taxes in other parts of the country by using New York as a piggy bank,” Cuomo said. “And that is something we cannot allow to happen.”

Cuomo said the proposal hits New York hard because the state has “some of the highest property taxes” in the nation.

The governor’s remarks come as the conservative group the Tax Foundation ranked New York number two for the worst business climate in the country, behind only New Jersey.