Cox Predicts Trump Success in New York

Sep 6, 2016

The state’s Republican Party chairman is talking up Donald Trump and predicted that the GOP presidential candidate will do well in New York.

Ed Cox said Trump has been looking presidential lately, appearing in Mexico alongside that country’s president, and visiting flood-ravaged Baton Rouge.

Cox said Trump’s strength is that he’s a “self-made politician.” 

“And a genius of a politician, you have to admit,” Cox said.

He said Trump’s get-out-the-vote campaign in New York will be a “grassroots effort” without a lot of money spent, and he anticipated that supporters will be “excited” to knock on doors.

Cox said Trump has come this far without investing funds on campaign staff and TV ads. He predicted the candidate also will help down-ballot races in Congress and the state Legislature, where the Republican Senate needs to keep and win seats to hold the majority.  

And he said Trump is popular in the bellwether Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga. 

“As Cheektowaga goes, so goes the state, so goes the nation,” Cox said.

Democrats think otherwise and believe Trump’s negatives will help them take back the state Senate in November.