COVID-19 infection rate rises in the Finger Lakes

Oct 26, 2020

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The latest numbers on the COVID-19 infection rate in the Finger Lakes region, which includes Rochester, shows another jump.

Monday's report by Gov. Andrew Cuomo shows the Finger Lakes with an infection rate of 2.3% as of Sunday. But the longer term, 7-day average is less, it stands now at 1.7% and the 14-day average for the Finger Lakes is 1.4%.

The region is made up of several counties, and the infection rate is a function of how many people are tested on a given day and how many of those individuals test positive.

The  COVID-19 positivity rate for Monroe County, which did the most number of tests among the 9 counties in the region, was 1.7%.

The rate was higher in Livingston County at 7.6%, even though Livingston County has done many fewer tests and has fewer people testing positive. 

On Monday, Monroe County reported 49 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, and no new deaths. There are 56 people in the Finger Lakes region hospitalized, 13 of them in the ICU.