County lowers fees for subsidized child care

Jul 8, 2019

Cheryl Dinolfo (center) announces a reduction of the parent fee paid by low income families in Monroe County.
Credit James Brown WXXI

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says she’s reducing the fee that some low-income families pay for child care.

The Republican said she instructed the county Department of Social Services to lower that fee, which is a percentage of the cost of care, from 35% to 25%. She said the move will save about 2,200 low-income families an average of $800 per year. 

“That money can be used for savings, it can be used to put food on the table, it can be used for housing, any way the family chooses to really enhance the quality of life for our children and families,” said Dinolfo.

Dinolfo, who is running for re-election this fall, said the reduction will take effect Aug. 5 and will be funded by about $1.7 million in unspent funds in the county budget. 

“It’s about providing opportunities for families who are living and working, hard-working families in the county of Monroe,” said Dinolfo. “So that they can continue to develop and grow and have economic opportunities.”

County spokesman Jesse Sleezer said it’ll affect roughly 4,600 of the 7,500 kids whose care is funded by this program.