Connections: Why has the Libertarian party had trouble attracting more people?

Sep 14, 2021

The editors of Reason Magazine recently joined a conversation about whether Libertarians have been mostly right about the big issues of the past twenty years. Since 9/11, Libertarians have opposed the war in Iraq; opposed the occupation of Afghanistan; opposed torture; supported same-sex marriage; supported marijuana legalization; and supported aggressive access to COVID vaccines, even before trials were complete.

Why, they wonder, have the Libertarian party and movement had trouble attracting more people... if they've been on the right side of history so often? Critics would argue that Libertarians have been wrong more often than they'll admit. We find out with our guests:

  • Kevin Wilson, host of the "A Free Solution" radio program and former Congressional candidate
  • Lauren Hall, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at RIT
  • Phil Ricci, former senior advisor for Sharpe for Governor in 2015, media director for the Johnson-Weld campaign in 2016, and former vice chair of the NYLP