Connections: What's new and hot on TV?

Aug 5, 2021

Vulture published a list of 25 notable new releases over the next two weeks. It includes movies, art, books, music, theater, and TV shows. The last category is the focus of this hour: what's new and hot in TV? We talk about a number of popular shows that are making their return, as well as new series that could become favorites. Experts say competition among streaming services is fierce. What about cable? Is appointment viewing still a thing?

Our guests take a look at the current TV landscape and weigh in on the future of the medium. Our guests:

  • Todd Sodano, associate professor of media and communication at St. John Fisher College
  • Deprina Godboldo, associate producer for CondĂ© Nast
  • Maddie Ullrich, Ph.D. student in visual and cultural studies at the University of Rochester