Connections: What if...? Events that could have changed history

Dec 30, 2016

We take a look at history, or rather, how it could have been different.

During this hour, we hear from people who study history in various forms; they will help us understand how one moment, mindset, event, or series of events could have changed history. We talk about a number of subjects, including the Beatles, the Erie Canal, Brexit, and more. Our guests:

  • Amit Batabyal, professor of economics at RIT
  • Adam Frank, astrophysicist at the University of Rochester and contributor to the NPR blog 13.7: Cosmos & Culture
  • Michael Galban, curator and historian at the Seneca Art & Culture Center at Ganondagan
  • John Covach, director of the Institute for Popular Music at the University of Rochester
  • Christine Ridarsky, Rochester city historian and historical services consultant at the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County
  • Tim Kneeland, professor and chairperson of the Department of History and Political Science at Nazareth College