Connections: An update on the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative

Jul 21, 2017

The Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI) was launched in early 2015 with the goal of reducing the percentage of people in poverty by 50 percent by 2030. Critics are calling for faster results and more transparency. Is that fair? RMAPI officials say the public misunderstands a number of subjects related to the initiative. We discuss what RMAPI is, what it is not, and its progress to date.  Our guests:

  • Leonard Brock, director of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative
  • Marvin McMickle, president of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and member of RMAPI’s Steering Committee
  • Daan Braveman, president of Nazareth College and member of RMAPI’s Steering Committee