Connections: Understanding FaceApp and what happens to user data submitted to social media apps

Jul 22, 2019

Have you tried FaceApp, the social media app that shows you what you might look like in your twilight years? Many users expressed concerns about privacy when they learned FaceApp's developer is based in Russia. Experts say the concerns about security are largely overblown, but they're glad users are thinking about privacy.

What actually happens to your data when you submit it to apps or websites, either willingly or without knowing? Our guests help us understand how the technology works and our rights related to privacy. In studio:

  • Scott Malouf, attorney whose practice is focused on the intersection of social media and the law¬†
  • Jonathan Weissman, senior lecturer in the Department of Computing Security at RIT
  • Emily Hessney Lynch, social media strategist and founder of Serve Me the Sky Digital