Connections: Summer of Food - Tipping etiquette

Aug 8, 2019

Our Summer of Food series continues with a conversation about tipping etiquette. What is your standard tip when you visit a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop? 15 percent? 18 percent? 20 percent? Do you appreciate the devices that pre-determine a tip for you, or do you feel guilted into tipping because of them?

A new survey from CreditCards.com shows millennials are "the worst tippers" in the U.S. -- but not for reasons that you might expect. Many millennials say they would prefer to see tipping eliminated and instead, pay higher prices for food in restaurants. What do you think? Our guests debate it. In studio:

  • Mary Compton, bartender at the Strathallan
  • Chris Thompson, food writer for CITY Newspaper
  • Chris Lindstrom, founder and host of the podcast, "Food About Town"
  • Renee Colon, co-owner of Fuego Coffee