Connections: Summer of Food - New life for the historic Pultneyville Grill

Aug 17, 2017

The Summer of Food takes a journey half an hour east of Rochester to the site of the historic Pultneyville Grill. When the restaurant closed in the past year, locals worried about what might replace it. The answer has been twofold: Swilly's, a fast casual joint that offers lobster rolls and other sea-based fare at a walk-up window, and The Owl House, which has a home in Rochester and a new home in the old PG.

These kinds of establishments can offer new life for communities, and we talk to long-time Pultneyvillers who want to see a successful enterprise in this space. Our guests:

  • Brian Van Etten, owner of Swilly's
  • Jeff Ching, owner of the Owl House on the Lake
  • Deb Parts, Co-Chair of the Pultneyville Home Tour
  • Peter Parts, former owner of the Pultneyville Grill and owner of the Pultneyville Docks on Salmon Creek