Connections: Summer Of Food Goes To The Finger Lakes' Hidden Gem Everything Store

Sep 1, 2016

Napa and Sonoma have the Oakville Grocery; the Finger Lakes has The Olney Place.

Our Summer of Food series continues with Seth Olney, the man who has expanded his family's business from a small dive to grab a few staples (and for boaters to get gas), transforming it into a high-end grocery and, well, everything store. It offers arguably the best sandwich in the region; it has a tap room with a variety of outstanding beer; it even has high-end imported Italian pastas. 

So how has he done it? During the off-season, Olney travels extensively, searching for America's hidden gem stores, hoping to learn and bring ideas home.

We talk to him about those travels, and how he's become one of the region's biggest cheerleaders.