Connections: Summer of Food - The Book, Provence 1970

Sep 15, 2016

It's our final conversation in the Summer of Food series, and it's all about the future of American food.

A book tells the story of a series of unlikely meetings in the winter of 1970, set in Provence. That's when, by chance, some of the most powerful voices in American food were passing through. Julia Child, MFK Fisher, James Beard, Richard Olney...and in that series of lunches and dinners, they debated how American food should be. More high-end, or more egalitarian? More snobbish, or less? More about hard-to-find ingredients, or more focused on the authenticity of flavor from the back yard?

Author Luke Barr sifted through diaries and letters to piece together this story about how American food pivoted, bringing us to where we are today. Our guests: