Connections: Poetry, translation, and the impact on war-torn communities

Oct 20, 2017

Lebanese poet Jawdat Fakhreddine wrote his collection of poems, Lighthouse for the Drowning, while living in exile in the United States during Lebanon's civil war. The book was published in Arabic in 1996, and in 2017, BOA Editions published the first English translation. 

Fakhreddine is in Rochester for a bilingual poetry reading organized by BOA, but first, we talk to him about the story behind the collection, how poetry can serve as a symbol of liberation for war-torn communities, and how universal truths resonate across cultures. Our guests:

  • Jawdat Fakhreddine, author of Lighthouse for the Drowning
  • Huda Fakhreddine, Jawdat's daughter and co-translator for Lighthouse for the Drowning
  • Peter Connors, publisher for BOA Editions